LA begins massive street tree census

I’m thrilled that our Urban Forestry Division has launched the long-awaited street tree inventory project, which will cost approximately $2M and take around 18 months to complete. Every one of the approximately 700,000 street trees in Los Angeles will be assessed and geolocated by arborists in the field.

After a competitive bidding process, the Board of Public Works awarded the first two geographic areas to Davey Resource Group, who will be entering data into the existing park tree inventory maintained by the Recreation and Parks Department. This coordination means there will be a single cloud-based tree map accessible to the public, containing info on street trees and park trees.

The street tree inventory will be performed one neighborhood council area at a time, and a statistical report will be shared with each neighborhood council. Stumps and empty planting sites will also be identified.

We hope to complete an inventory of the first few neighborhood council areas before the end of 2019.

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